100 Ro Plant Setup for Enabling Drinking Water facilities in a government school

In the year 2020, Government schools are being blessed with RO filtered water. In July 2022 NGO from Bangalore called Aahwahan Foundation started a campaign to provide pure water in all Government schools with help of RO plants set up in the school facilities. These wonderful efforts are for only underprivileged students to have better health. This initiative to have RO plant purified water in all Government schools was started by the Government of India in the year 2020. But as we all know the money in the government’s educational fund reserves for primary level education is so low that it is not sufficient for the student’s education itself then there is very less hope for betterment in health and hygiene. In this situation of low funds, NGOs like the Aahwahan foundation come in for the rescue. Aahwahan Foundation’s next milestone is to provide a 100 Ro Plant setup for enabling drinking water facilities in every government school all over India.

Let us first look at why RO water is so important that it should be present in all Government schools. In our country, there are more than 2 million unexpected passing of children who are not older than 16 years old and the most common cause behind this is diarrhea. More than 40 million Indian population suffer from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis every year. India has a 1.9 billion population 79% of these people live under the poverty line and earns hardly 170 rupees a day. When we sanitation these citizens do not have any systematic waste disposal system. Due to its major part of people dumps their waste, raw sewage, and slits directly into the freshwater rivers. Making them highly polluted makes the water undrinkable and they must survive on eighter illegal or expensive water supplies. This makes the underprivileged population drink the polluted water after literally no filtration leading to various harmful diseases. For children, it does not only affect their health of the child but the loss of concentration in education, and due to health issues, children are soon dropped out of school which leads to a decline in the education of youth.

In schools, the drinking Water facilities are very less usually the water comes from groundwater pumps or nearby rivers or by a water tanker. All these sources are contaminated and not hygienic enough to drink. Aahwahan foundation in the direction of Founder CEO philanthropist MR. Braja Kishore Pradhan has done remarkable work in the field of education and Development of Govt schools such as building roads for remote schools to have accessibility to every student, building fully functional toilets, and providing education on wheels and free education to under privilege children. Providing pure water now is the greatest step in the development of government schools.

In Bangalore in June 2022, Aahwahan found a government school in Bangalore’s rural area in need of fresh and pure water. Immediately they start working on the solution and ideas. With the guidance of Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan, they have managed to buy all types of equipment which includes – 3 cylinders with a membrane, a microprocessor chip to control the whole system to make it automated, a pump, and a water disposal barrel. RO plants which are also known as reverse osmosis can filter up to 350 liters of water every 1 hour, giving students, Teaching staff, and non-teaching staff fresh water for a lifetime. This RO system is one of the most efficient ways of filtering the water and its ratio is 55 – 45 % where 45% of water is stored in a rainwater harvest for farmlands. Before it gets into the tab, the water goes through this advanced system that provides different stages of water filtration, including activated carbon, sediment, and reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis forces impure water to go through a permeable membrane that separates the dissolved pollutants from the pure water and rinses them down the drain.

The benefits of Ro water are that it improves brain function in children due to no sickness from waterborne diseases which also improves energy in kids. It also improves immunity and reduces dehydration in children. This initiative gained a lot of publicity and awareness for RO water in schools this program was also presided over by the CM of Bangalore. Let us readers also take part in this initiative by donating a share of funds to help the underprivileged community to grow strong and be safe.

More information about Aahwahan Foundation you can click here

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