Bangalore Flood Relief

During the recent flooding incident in Bangalore, the Aahwahan foundation the best NGO in India started a flood relief camp for the people who are severally suffering from it. On Wednesday Dankshina Panikani which was dry for a decade was flooded with water due to heavy continuous rain in the region. It affected more than 25 villages and many high commercial residences. The flood affected most highways, stopping the city’s food and essentials. As farmlands to affected it created a scarcity of food. This major affected underprivileged people in the city as they earn and eat on a daily basis as they were not earning, and without food, people were suffering from hunger.

To tackle this Aahwahan foundation took immediate action. They have joined hands with CSR Infinera and with the guidance of CEO Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan and Mr. Nitesh Kumar Aahwahan started a relief camp, volunteers have rusted to the factory kitchen and prepared food packages for hundreds of needed people. They have loaded these food packages in multiple minivans and trucks so they can be supplied to every corner of the city. With this quick action, Aahwahan has helped a total of 159 families in Bangalore. One of the important members to help in this relief camp is Mr. Nitesh Kumar have said “now it’s an important time to unity as the people of Bangalore and help each other”.

Currently, the Flood Relief camp is running a totally free number 1800 102 2314 for the people who are in urgent need of anything essential as– food, water, security, rescue, blankets, a place to stay, etc. the response on this number is so fast that volunteers reach for help in less than 20 mins. We are appealing for the reader to extant your hand to and donate to this relief camp so you can help people in need. You can also call on this toll-free number – 1800 102 2314 to get quick help.

Bangalore Flood Relief

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