Flag Hosting in Govt School in Patna and Nawada District, Bihar

On 15th August 2022, the Aahwahan foundation a young NGO from Bangalore now spread over India organized a flag hoisting ceremony in the district of Patna and Nawada in several government schools where all the under-privilege children are present.

Aahwahan foundation is founded by remarkable people with a similar mindset of helping under privilege people as they believe that helping economically lower people is helping to grow India’s economy. They are helping people since its NGO was founded in the year 2009 in the shadow and guidance of its founder, CEO Philanthropist Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan. The NGO Aahwahan foundation was born in Bangalore but now in recent years have spread all over India on 15th August 2022, the Aahwahan foundation has run a program in north Indian cities such as Patna and Nawada. During Flag hoisting, children were given food and had an eye-opening motivation speech on India’s freedom journey and about education and how it can rise India again to the top.

They have not only hoisted the flag but also as per the Har Ghar tiranga campaign distributed flags to every kid in government schools like Ideal English school in Patna’s rural area. The idea behind it was to spread patriotism for their country and the importance of the Indian flag in every young heart. Aahwahan foundation during the program also encouraged every Government school to plant 10 trees around their school to spread awareness of the importance of nature. shows that trees are the real force of the plant which supports all life and it the only thing which can revive mother nature.

In recent years Aahwahan foundation has run multiple drives and campaigns to support education for underprivileged children in a government school. As per them to have the Indian economy strong, every citizen especially young boys and girls must go through primary educated and contribute to it. India is the fourth among the top 11 nations where children drop out of school in the middle of their primary education. the major reason for this is due to poverty, for an Indian family to earn and survival is the top priority than education later or last. In the rural area for under privilege people, education is perceived as a costly and high-priced luxury in a few communities it is considered as taboo, and this is a very negative outlook on education which is as important as food and water to survive. The awareness toward education and educating every single child becomes more important. The awareness drives are being run by the Aahwahan foundation on regular basis.

Aahwahan has run almost 12 campaigns in the past 5 years in the support of education. Few mentioned free education for slum kids, education on wheels, education for girls, Atul Tinkering Lab, health teachers, and free computer centers inside schools The big milestone in the Free education mission of Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan is when he and the Aahwahan foundation adopted 1531 girl children from all over Karnataka. Aahwahan foundation took an oath to facilitate these 1531 girls’ free education till class 12th and provide them with all necessary resources which include their education, food, and travel to respective government schools. This initiative is to eliminate or lower the extreme school drop rate amongst girls and is a major step toward women’s empowerment.

This was the small recap that was shared on 15th August 2022 with the school’s kids so they can have hope for a bright future in the shadow of NGOs like Aahwahan.

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