MODAL SCHOOL-A concept by INFERA CSR and Aahwahan Foundation

School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” says Lon Watters. Imagine the space between these four walls is unhygienic, without proper ventilation, without electricity, absence of normal tap water, dull infrastructure, unorganized schedules and no proper sitting facilities. How can a child learn in this uncomfortable condition? If we take a closer look then the government school in our country majorly face more pathetic conditions than mentioned. These surroundings usually create a sense of depression and difficulty in the path of education for young children. The government schools are established for the public who find it difficult to pay the private school fees. And as a country with an ethical Constitution that mentions the sovereignty of education to each individual. The government tries its best to make education available to every child. There are a lot many schools and colleges which are established by our government for the benefit of the young citizens. They provide proper nutritional supplements so that the BPL public will send their children to school. at least to fulfill their child’s hunger. The administration tries its best to provide adequately to contribute to the children for a better future for the country.

Right now the number of government schools in Bangalore is 1403. The population of the BPL public in Bangalore rises to 70.3% which is more than the third fourth. Every child’s education right can be fulfilled. But the uncomfortable situations don’t fit for a child’s education in the right way. This should be taken into consideration on a serious note. Therefore people like Mr.Braja Kishore Pradhan are here to work day and night behind bringing solutions to issues like this.  Mr. Braja is the CEO of one of the Best NGOs India Aahwahan Foundation. This NGO works in favor of people. The foundation believes in “service to others is service to God”.

The finance team is managed by the great motivators INFERA CRF and the best work was executed by the team of the Aahwahan Foundation. Newly describing their noble work. The most famous school in Karnataka which now stands in the queue for number one school is “Karnataka Public School, Basvanagudi”. The school which once was similar to the above-described schools of government is now converted into a well-furnished infrastructure-oriented educational building with smart educational equipment like a smart board for easy understanding of concepts. Hassle-free spacious classrooms for comfortable sitting and teaching, drinking water facilities and routine water facilities have been set up where earlier there was no drop of water in school for daily routine. The school provides a nutritious healthy diet for the children which will help them to stay active. The school also holds capital in different laboratories which is usually absent in government schools. A high-technical computer laboratory, a well-equipped science lab with the latest science inventories, and a digital library to help the children stay updated with the new era in a digitally emerging world. Also, the school where the student count was around 1000 is now the number one school in Karnataka with a count of over 3000 students.

All thanks to the mind and power of Infera and Aahwahan Foundation for creating the school of dreams for poor children. This will give each child the wings to fly high and achieve their ambitions. Mentioning Infera they too look forward for a better India then it is now and hence due to alike thoughts and vision we the  Aahwahan Foundation and Infera together will surely built the nation of dreams. Just like the initiated project of Modal School is now on hit list of the city. We believe that in near future more and more such projects will be undertaken by us with just one mission to eliminate the poverty in India and give a better nation in the hands of future generations.

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Tanvi trivedi

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