Upgrading Government Hospital to Provide Better Health Support For Underprivileged

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” A famous quote by Thomas Carlyle, therefore, is important to take of one’s health. As fitness is the key to a successful life. But it is heartbreaking to see that there are people in our country who cannot afford a nutritious lifestyle not do they can spend on basic utilities. The BPL public that is below the poverty line ratio is far more than the ratio of well-settled people in India. Therefore it happens that the government lack in terms of providing sufficient betterment for the citizens. Still, there is a lot that has been established by the government of India. As said by our ancestors that hand in hand walk we can walk a long mile. And therefore the same values apply in society too. We live in a community where people less believe in helping as people are bothered by their hustles. But then someone does have to think about the welfare of the society too. Alone government cannot reach everywhere so it is important for us to e helpful and help in taking our country move forward in this competitive world.

As per the things we discussed it is merely that the government hospitals in India are the most common to face regular problems. It is seen that many people avoid passing from the route also where government hospitals are established. The reason is simply that they do not attend the hygiene levels, sometimes the buildings are also too old, no proper service is available due to long queue of people. Apart from that, there are very less chances of the redevelopment of these hospitals.

But keeping in mind the problem faced by the socially and economically backward people. Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan the CEO of Aahwahan Foundation bravely attempted the upgrading these government hospitals for the betterment of the underprivileged section of society. As a result, he successfully took over the responsibilities and converted this place into a well-devethe loped hospital will the latest technology gazettes for medical requirements. The public was so happy to see them up-gradation and also the medical practitioners and staff were thankful for this noble work.

Aahwahan not only supports the adoption of government firms but also Aahwahan Foundation set up regular campaigns for different health benefits-related content. Free health check-up camps, free eye check-ups, free diabetes, Blood pressure check-ups, and blood test camps also have been taken up under the supervision of the well-trained best doctors and specialists. People are benefitted from these camps in several ways by the best NGO Aahwahan Foundation. The camps conducted distribute free medicines as per the requirements. Because of the latest equipment, patients come from far away places and take the needing medical attention.  Lot many elders give the blessings as we help in curing their body and healing their pain. All thanks to the Best NGO in India Aahwahan Foundation for their noble works

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Tanvi trivedi

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