Useful Tips to Check Authenticity of NGOs working in India

NGO – Nongovernment organizations are organizations that are nonprofit and created for noble social causes. There is a total of 3.3 million NGOs registered in only India. These NGOs are formed by noble like-minded people for a good cause in the society where the government organizations lack. This good cause includes helping underprivileged poor people, helping people in legal fights, empowering women, education, helping people in a natural disaster, helping the physically and mentally disabled, and protecting the environment. There is 1 NGO with over 500 people more than the school in India.

As NGOs helps 1000 people every day and resolve their problem. They have the extreme trust of people. Due to this fake organizations take advantage and gain financial benefit from it by frauding people and misusing their donation funds. It’s critical to identify the Authenticity of NGOs.

6 Useful Tips to Check Authenticity of NGOs working in India

1- Check NGO’s online presence

The first and the quickest way to identify an NGO’s authenticity is to check if the NGO is present on the web. If the NGO is good at achieving its goals in the social cause, then there should be an article about its work. If the NGO is well funded, it will be an official website. You can be sure that the NGO is trustworthy if most of the news outlets have covered their work.

2- Look up their annual reports

A good way to examine if your donation will be used in a good direction by NGOs is to see their annual reports. When checking the presence of NGOs on the web you will be able to find their annual report where all their year’s work has been recorded. This very useful document to have complete transparency amongst donators and trustees of NGOs.

3- Connect directly

The best way to fully check the NGO’s authenticity is to contact them directly in person through a call, email, or by directly visiting the head office of the NGO. Gaining trust will take with the NGO’s volunteers. This will confirm the 100% on the work of NGO.

4- Ask for registration proof

There is a total of 8 steps in the registration of an NGO by drafting a trust deed document and filing it in the government office. The registration proof is the final stage of authenticating an NGO. There are over 3.3 Million NGOs registered in India.

5- No cash donations

After registration needs to be careful and also donate through online transactions or bank transfers to have transaction proof if things go sideways then it will be very important to get your money back.

6- Talk About the COVID-19 Relief Fund

Lastly, check if the NGO has a COVID-19 Relief fund. As this was the biggest pandemic every NGO no matter the cause founded the covid relief fund. So, if the NGO has this relief fund then it is a better sign that it’s a very good NGO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an NGO is genuine in India?

You have to check if the NGO is registered in India if the NGO has an article in the famous newsletter if the NGO has an official website and you do need to check NGO’s annual report to confirm their work.

How can I check if a charity is registered in India?

You can visit ngodarpan an official government site that provides if the NGO is registered in India or not. It provides 100% surety on the registration.

Which is the most trustworthy NGO in India?

The NGO which have a registration certificate, recognition, and awards from state and country and has good name in media is the most trustworthy NGO in India for example – Aahwahan foundation

How can check NGO is original?

By visiting to the head office of the NGO or taking to the volunteers you gain the clarity which NGO is original and which one is fake.

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