What is the Significance of a Social Activist in India?

What is the definition of a social activist?

Today all of you might see that the significance of social activism in India has increased too much. There are so many reasons behind it. If you are a person who wants to bring political and social changes in the Indian city then you can also become a social activist in the long way.

So when you give the definition of a social worker then you will know that he is a person who aspires to bring social and political improvement in society by being a member of any social welfare organization.

Famous social workers who have served Indian society

If you browse the human history then you will see that many persons have worked as a social activist to serve the causes of the human society. You can also see some people who have worked as a famous social worker in India.

Take for example during the 18th century personages like Raja Ram Mohan Roy a social worker who got banned from the evil custom of Sati. Another famous social personage was Eshwar Chandra Vidya Sagar who passed the law of remarriage for those women who were widows. Today in the modern world pious persons like Anna Hazare have worked for the benefit of human society.

What are the responsibilities of social workers and activists?

Now when you ask us what else social activists can do for human society then you will come to know that they can educate the people know what should be done for their betterment:-

• If these activists see that there are some evil rules and customs in the society then they oppose them and replace them with new and good ones.
• Activists also give constructive options and solutions from which anybody can get genuine benefits.
• India has given many reputed social activists who have done marvelous deeds.
• Take for example the name of Mahatma Gandhi on the top list of social workers who led Indian people to get independence.

How many types of social workers are there?

If we try to know the types and categories of social workers and activists then we will see that there are four types of them. These are advocates, rebels, change agents, and helpers in the long run. The main goal or aim of these persons is to bring peace and happiness in the society.

Among all these kinds of activists rebels and change agents have attained great popularity. Rebels are those who oppose the rules and customs that are against the welfare and benefits of society. Change agents are those who like to replace the wrong customs of society with new ones.

How does an activist work?

If you ask us how a social worker or activist works for the betterment and welfare of society then you will know that there are many ways for it. He is the one who rebels against wrong customs with the help of protests. In this way, he opposes a controversial issue.

These persons also pass public rallies through streets so that all should know what is fair and what is unfair. Whenever some kind of social or political issue arises then a social worker comes on the platform to bring a change that will be beneficial for all people of the human society. So you can conclude that the main goal of an activist is to bring a favorable change for all the people.

What is the main focus of a social worker and activist?

The main aim of social activism is to fight against wrong customs to bring beneficial changes in society. Social activism is mainly of four types. These are alternative, revolutionary, redemptive, and reformative. Among all of them reformative and revolutionary are very much popular because through them one can protest against negative social and political issues.

Here these social workers and activists have a focus to bring fulfilment of human requirements. Even fighting for the rights and betterment of the people is the main responsibility of any social worker in a long way. Even these people have to achieve all kinds of political, social, and economic aims.

Our final opinion

So our final opinion in matters of being a social activist is that when you know that there are some social and political issues in society then you can work to solve them. In this process, you have to be like a social worker who knows all the ways to solve the issues of Indian society.

Then only you can work well like all the reputed Indian activists who served well for the betterment of common people and human beings. When you know the main functions of social workers then you can bring betterment of society.

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