Aahwahan Foundation Ensures Development in the Toughest Regions

Braja Kishore Pradhan

Braja Kishore Pradhan is an Indian entrepreneur, social worker, and mentor. He is also known as the Green Man of Bangalore and believes that nature has given us enough warnings to make us understand this is the last stand. His educational background provided him a unique opportunity to help organizations successfully compete in the overly competitive business environment.
The organizations exemplary work has won them more than 100 recognitions from President of India (2018), Chairman of ISRO (2019), National Excellence Award for Social Entrepreneur, Best NGO Award for Environment Bangalore (2019), and Best Young Social Worker in India (2020), Green Man of Bangalore, Indian Achievers Award, NGO of the Year 2020, Mentor in IID and amongst several awards it has won the award for Best NGO in the Asian region.

Braja Kishore Pradhan
Braja Kishore Pradhan

The foundation’s various initiatives empower education and ensure to expand its opportunities to the toughest regions of the nation. There recent “Laptop Bank” initiative enables weaker section students to borrow laptops and study from home for a specific duration (usually 2-3hours). Aahwahan Foundation combines its experience, technical capabilities, and leadership skills to develop programs, campaigns, & initiatives where they are required the most. Education structures are very complex across the globe. Knowing the significance of online learning & technological advancement, the foundation offered laptops to underprivileged students at home.

Currently, they have allocated 375 laptops by benefiting 2597 students from metro cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Noida. The team has set a goal of allocating 1000 computers for this specific initiative, which will benefit 10,000 kids from various parts of the country. Furthermore, the foundation intend to expand its initiative to other parts of the country, such as Guwahati and Vishakapatnam, where many more impoverished youngsters would be able to get hands on digital resources.

Braja Kishore Pradhan, founder, Aahwahan Foundation suggests “every citizen must come forward & contribute to the students for a viable future of the country and social positive change. He urges the contribution of community groups and corporates through their CSR programs as the need of the hour to enable education for the marginalized groups of the society”.

Aahwahan Foundation continuously focus on improving the lives of the poor students, they genuinely believe that an integrated approach is needed to keep poor students learning during lockdown; maximize the reach & impact of our education programs, and scale up the local capabilities required to accomplish sustainable results.

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