Aahwahan Foundation: Working Towards the Betterment of the Society

The belief in helping others and sharing good values is what Aahwahan Foundation stands for. Aahwahan Foundation strives to bring about meaningful change in society by helping with various CSR initiatives. The lockdown due has brought a halt to the world. It has affected the education of millions of children and has made it difficult for them to keep learning. To tackle this situation, Aahwahan Foundation has helped lots of children by providing them with their right to education and learning. Along with this, Aahwahan Foundation presently, the non-profit has a pan India base with over 23 projects encompassing women empowerment through cottage industries, education, healthcare, community development, agriculture, environment as lake restoration, beach cleaning, organic village among others. 

The Coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying lockdown is a major humanitarian crisis, and the nation, on the whole, was unprepared for the scale of the outbreak. The NGO set up a war room for Covid relief. The pandemic increases the need for mental health services; grief, isolation, loss of employment, and anxiety are triggering mental health conditions or exacerbating current ones. There is a steady rise in alcohol and drug abuse. Aahwahan Foundation has started a toll-free number (1800-102-2314) to address mental health challenges, with doctors from reputed hospitals providing free consultation services. Additionally, Foundation support the medical fraternity through plasma donation and healthcare infrastructure improvement (ICU beds, 1000 oxygen cylinders, 500 oxygen concentrators, medications, food packets, groceries kits and medical kits). Around 10 Lakhs people from pan India have benefited from the services offered by the foundation since Covid19

Aahwahan Foundation was founded by Philanthropist and Social Worker Braja Kishore Pradhan.  He believes that to solve the issue of poverty and starvation one has to take the step and so he started a team of minded individuals in 2009 and started Aahwahan Foundation. Aahwahan Foundation’s main challenge came during lockdown when it was difficult for many people to procure the necessities. Acting upon it, Aahwahan Foundation reached out and helped numerous underprivileged communities and helped them with basic requirements. 

Braja Kishore Pradhan

The Foundation believes that if humans have a roof over our head, warm food on the table and good education, then they are privileged enough. There is no better way to pay forward your privilege by showing gratitude and giving back to the community. Aahwahan Foundation aims to allow everyone to live a better life and elevate them in the tiniest way possible by providing proper healthcare, education, and food to the people by reaching out to them.

Mr Braja Kishore Pradhan is also known as the Green Man of Bangalore and believes that nature has given us enough warnings to make us understand this is the last stand. The world has been in denial for far too long. The continuous exploitation and abuse need to be stopped. Furthermore, India has to play a vital role in it. Being one of the youngest and most populous in the world, India needs every hand possible in battling climate change. Braja Kishore Pradhan with his team is continuously working on tackling the issues and bringing change in the society.

Recently, Aahwahan Foundation has come up with many initiatives. Some of the latest projects like Health on Wheels works towards helping people in rural areas by providing access to medical necessities. Around 70% of the population in India resides in rural areas and either has no access or restricted access to hospitals or clinics. Aahwahan Foundations “Health on Wheels”- a mobile medical hospitals are highly engineered medical facilities designed to meet medical conditions in rural areas and urban poor. Our facilities are well equipped to fight the COVID pandemic. During the previous quarter, more than 10,000 patients were treated through mobile medical hospitals. The NGO’s partnership with the multinational software company “Citrix” enabled us to leverage their CSR program to deliver healthcare at the doorstep, focusing on accessibility, affordability, and quality.  

Aahwahan Foundation also has launched a Food for Hunger initiative for underprivileged communities by helping them get basic nutrition. The team have identified malnutrition as a major source of concern in both adults and children from low-income backgrounds. To fight this, Aahwahan Foundation launched the campaign to provide more than 10,000 meals per day to those in need all over the country. Travelling to various locations such as schools, colleges, slums, and hospitals, the team at the organization made sure nobody went hungry. 

Aahwahan Foundation has also collaborated with Pega Systems, a software development company to sponsor laptops for children in underprivileged areas. The foundation will be working on the Laptop Bank initiative for the young minds in the area. Teachers will be visiting the area and help the kids daily for more than three hours to impart the required digital skills as technology as well as assist them in accessing study material. These mentors will use the given technological resources to their utmost capacity in educating these students according to their needs and the prescribed syllabus, with over 600 students have benefited so far due to our efforts.

Debashish Mohanty (Member of BCCI Selection Committee, Indian Cricketer) has partnered with the Aahwahan Foundation to help set children for future success. Our NGO is pleased to collaborate with someone as energetic as Debashish Mohanty. We are confident that our partnership with a prominent sports personality will help us connect with a broader audience for community development. Debashish Mohanty said, “I am looking forward to this association. I comprehend the value of consistency and commitment in sports. Aahwahan Foundation, in a short duration, has established itself as a leading NGO with its consistency in delivering service to the marginalized communities.” Recently, the non-profit had felicitated Debashish Mohanty with “ANMOL RATAN OF ODISHA” for placing ODISHA in the national sports map.

Sohini Sanjay Mohanty is the youngest brand ambassador of the Aahwahan Foundation, having won the AITA U-14 Super Series Double crown in Alexander Waske Tennis Academy, Ahmedabad, April 2021. Our NGO is pleased that she was lauded for her achievements by Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, on Twitter. We also recognize her contribution as a role model, inspiring the next generation to sharpen their talent and be active decision-makers in society’s progress.

There is no local solution to this global crisis. All stakeholders must collaborate to win over the pandemic and begin the economic reconstruction process. To bring about a transformation that would enable people to live healthier and productive lives, we seek to address the inequities by harnessing corporate power.

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