KGF 2 Movie Release and inauguration by MR. BRAJA KISHORE PRADHAN

Cinema is one of the important parts of our society which reflects society’s good and bad in just 2 to 3 hours. More importantly, it gives motivation to viewers that no matter their situation they must keep on moving forward and fight demons in the real world.

In Bangalore on 14th April 2022, a festival began. The festive was due to the much-awaited sequel to the most popular cult film of India KGF. KGF 2 is the 2nd highest-earning film in India. Before its release multiple Inauguration events were happening over all of India similarly a grand inauguration took place in Bangalore, Karnataka from where the movie originated from. Several fans, movie critics, and movie enthusiasts attended the ceremony. The Inauguration was done by one of the important people in Bangalore Braja Kishore Pradhan the Founder of the great Aahwahan Foundation. A Foundation supporting thousands of financially backward families across India. During Inauguration in the evening as soon as Mr. Braja Kishore pressed the button on the remote, Ceremony started with firecrackers, and then a huge LED display lit up playing KGF 2 trailer energizing the whole crowd present at the event. This released the long awaiting and millions of emotions people were finally able to view further Rocky’s story in the theater where movie ticket was priced from 150 to 200 rupees. From it in 1 month now movie reaching 1200 Crores earing mark all pan India.

On 21st December 2018, the most popular and earning film franchise was released. Let’s have an overview of the story of Rocky in KGF.

KGF 1 was the first installment of the two-part KGF series. On its first release, KFG became a huge success grossing over 250 crores worldwide. As the movie is just not performed in Karnataka but also pan India. Main for 2 reasons. First, the film was dubbed in all south Indian languages – Telegu, Malayalam, and Tamil but also in Hindi to spread its Charismatic storytelling all over the World. The second reason is the lead actor himself Naveen Kumar Gowda famously known for his stage name – YASH. In real life, he was from a low-earning poor family where his father was a bus driver and no one to earn further. His struggle through working on a canceled film started from 300 rupees, participating as back actors in a few TV serials, and now being one of the biggest stars in Indian Cinema, motivates all the aspiring young struggles in the field who are not financially stable. Supports their dreams to become big talents one day. While surprisingly similar to the plot of KGF movies a man reaching the Greater heights and the story does not end here as part 3 of the film is yet to come.

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Tanvi trivedi

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