Traffic Awareness Program Run By Aahwahan Foundation

Traffic Awareness Program

“Horn ok please” we all might have read it often and ever wondered the reason behind it. Of course, the reason for this phrase written almost being heavy trucks and tempos is the safety of the people and vehicles. Now and then we are often warned about safety while traveling. While going out too our parents willingly tell us to do safe driving. Right from our schooling, we are always taught about traffic rules. Unfortunately, we do not give much importance to this integral topic of our daily life. There are several basic rules which if followed the road safety measures would increase by at least 70 percentage. It is found that 1214 road crashes occur every day in India. Two-wheelers account for 25% of total road crash deaths. 20 children under the age of 14 die every day due to road crashes in the country. 377 people die every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every day. This is a large number and the one mere reason for these mishaps is unfollowing the traffic rules. These rules are for the people’s safety and not for the government to fill their pockets. Avoiding wearing a helmet would cost only 500rupees to the government but it would cost the life of the rider. Wearing helmets is made mandatory but still, people fail to understand the importance of this safety rule. Small damage to the internal brain can make the person handicapped for all his life. Following the signals would make one 5minutes wait but not following them would make one wait all their life that too on a wheelchair. Also, we have PUC rules which transcend as pollution control rules in the traffic rules book. Such rules help in controlling pollution giving the city fresh air rather than just creating smog. It is to each one their intelligence what one must follow.

For the same reason to raise awareness regarding the traffic rules and safety concerns, we the team of Aahwahan Foundation executed a safety awareness campaign on the streets of Bangalore. Teenagers and young enthusiastic people joined the campaign. We made posters with captions and messages written to make the public aware of their life and follow the traffic rules. Our strategy included that as soon as the signal used turned red and vehicles stopped our volunteers rushed down the streets with the posters and loudly told the traffic rules. The people of Bangalore quietly listened to all the instructions of the volunteers and hence was a token of appreciation.

We at Best NGO in Bangalore Aahwahan Foundation care for our people and their safety. We do believe that this small step would surely bring the change into the mindset of the public. If at least of 1percentile people also adopt the awareness we want then our mission is half accomplished. The countries like the United States, UAE, and Canada which have strict rules following face less number of accidents than those that do not adopt the traffic rules. This road accident not only takes away the rider’s life but it takes away the happiness , hopes, and money also from the Rider’s family. And leaves the family helpless and in critical condition Therefore this awareness is a necessity and also we as NGO care for the country and its people. Hope we all follow the traffic rules so that we can make our country proud one day with zero percentile accident count.

Tanvi trivedi
Effective content writer and communication specialist. A sci-fi writer in leisure.Tanvi Trivedi Aahwahan Foundation

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