Tree Man of Bangalore Awarded on World Environment Day

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY” is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It is almost celebrated by over 150countries in the world. The celebration of this day dates back to the era of 1974, In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Two years later, in 1974 the first WED was held with the theme “Only One Earth. Two years back, the theme of World Environment 2020 was ‘Time for Nature. As per the 47year old tradition, this year too World Environment Day was celebrated on the 5th of June 2022. This day was mainly put into the calendar to spread awareness about the depleting health of mother Earth. Marine pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, global warming, deforestation, increase in noise pollution, and many other harmful effects have been in practice for ages and are the reason for the cause of so many diseases, heart attacks at an early age, high BP, stress and anxiety and much other life-risking problems. As there is no fresh air to breathe, there is no pure water to drink also there is no healthy surrounding. As a result, it also clutters the mind of humans giving birth to negative emotions, and then it increases the crime rates too.

Although, we all from the core of our hearts want to put an end to this hectic lifestyle. But how many of us do take steps to turn the situations? There is a saying “To change the world, first we must change ourselves”. One of the commendable works is done by Mr. Braja Kishore Pradhan the CEO of Best NGO in Bangalore, The “ Aawahan foundation”. He has already put forth the mission of planting 1crore trees across India. The NGO has reached 2million to date and is enthusiastic to reach its aim and complete the mission undertaken. Other than this helpful work in support of the Environment the NGO works for the welfare of society and people too.

To Mr. Braja’s approach to this amazing work for the welfare of the environment, it is fledged all across the country and he has been awarded by the title ‘TREE MAN OF BANGLORE‘. In the same context recently on the 5th of June 2022, a celebration of the World Environment Day was held in the city of Banglore. Where Mr. Braja Kishore was awarded and felicitated with lots of blessings and honors to keep up the good work he has been doing for years. The picture shows the innocence and happiness on the faces of the environment caring people. It also shows the respect and honors of Mr. Braja and his noble endeavors.

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